ALTEZZA CO., LTD. is a long established multi plants group, specialized in design and manufacture of automotive parts and accessories. Our successful growth over past 35 years has earned us an invaluable reputation for high quality service to our valued customers.

ALTEZZA headquarters is based in Taiwan together with our own vastly experienced research and development team. We provide comprehensive items of parts and accessories continu ally many of essential automotive models, our manufacturing range is being extended and clients’ individual requirements can also be met. ALTEZZA manufacturing plants are in both Taiwan and China all meeting ISO9001 and QS9000 certified.

Altezza found our own brand “KAPARS” in 1980s. After years of operation we have distributor around the world now, such as Colombia, Dominica, Turkey, Nigeria, and Honduras. “KAPARS” is focus in mechanical parts research, development, and manufacture. Later “KAPARS-classic line” was born.

“KAPARS-classic line” is commitment to the production of high quality classic/antique car parts .Products is achieved by our continued investment in the latest technology and professional dedicated staffs.
We are proud of our recognized position within the global market place.
“Above all else,
we value you as our customer.”
As a business and manufacturing partner for customers around the world, we make great efforts to understand market trends, invest time and resources in developing new products whilst meeting required quality standards to provide additional safety, better ruggedization and reliability.


By working closely with OEM partners and with intensive ongoing research and development, we are able to provide efficient aftermarket products. We use top grade material and precise manufacturing to ensure product durability, reliability and safety.


As a modernized manufacturer, ALTEZZA adheres to high quality standards that exceed customers’ expectation. Quality is more than just a word, it is a philosophy, a source of inspiration, achievement and motivation.


The latest technologies are used in the creation of all ALTEZZA products. Robotics are used to ensure quality consistency, and sensory devices are used in conjunction with production and assembly jigs to help detect any product variation during production processes.